Shoemaker Paris

À la ville à la Montagne

Since 1960, the shoemaking industry has proven itself. Indeed, ideally located in the heart of Paris, the shoe repair and sale store promises you an irreproachable quality. This family establishment has an exceptional know-how for everything you will need during your hikes.

This shoemaker in Paris offers highly reputable brands such as Red Wing Shoes and already has more than 110 years of experience in the field of work boots. This excellence has been perfected during all these years for an offer that meets all your criteria. At the cutting edge of innovation, these shoes guarantee you unparalleled comfort during your work or trekking days and thus relieve the wearer. The goal of shoemaking is to design an excellent product and to constantly improve it.


A family business

La Maison Deuso is a family business that cares about what you wear. It was created by Thierry Hoo’s father, who in turn passed on his passion and know-how to his son. You will discover the boutique in the heart of Paris, near Place de la Bastille and close to the metro stations.

This shoemaker in Paris repairs your city and mountain shoes.

You will also find hiking and mountain boots, hiking accessories, city shoes and cleaning products, as well as handcrafted products. All these equipments have been designed to make your hikes more comfortable. Thus, you will fully enjoy your sports activities with your family, friends, as a couple or alone, depending on what you prefer.


Shoemaker in the heart of Paris

Present for more than 50 years, Maison Deuso equips you entirely for all your stays. We have a workshop where you can repair your mountain boots and refurbish them. Thanks to this service, you will enjoy the comfort of the first days of your boots. Privilege the quality of work your shoemaker in Paris to repair your shoes!

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